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Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

Born in Baltimore Maryland in 1966, and from the age of 14, I knew that becoming a musician was the path that I was destined to take.

Follow my musical career starting with my first band, Mystic-Force, followed by Shift, and now my Rich Davis solo project. I've been doing this for a long time now and there is a lot to see.

I tried to make this website a place that you can see everything, plus watch all the videos and listen to all the music. Just like my music, there's always going to be something new, whether its a new video or some new magazine interviews, this site is always changing.

So take a look around and enjoy the experience!

Music is for sharing - let's keep metal music alive! -Rich

Rich Davis - Resurrection Video

Rich Davis: Resurrection
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Crushing Notes Entertainment...

is pleased to announce the release of "Resurrection" from Extreme Metal artist RICH DAVIS. This is the first single and video release of 2020.

"Another killer video and song by the one and only Rich Davis, who spares no expense in making his lyrics come to life. This tune is a bit more accessible than Davis's more extreme metal creations, with great hook and groove that will make you want to hit "REPLAY" when you get to the end of the video. AWESOME job from beginning to end. Now I'm going to stop typing at watch it again... LOUDER!" -- David S.

Special Thanks

I just cant hit you guys with all of this new stuff without thanking everyone that helped me make it happen:

Dan at Crushing Notes Entertainment, Drew Mazurek, Andrew Capino, Becky Wolff at Dramatic Visions for this kick-ass website, and all my band-mates over the years - Chris Lembach, Keith Menser, Bobby Hicks R.I.P., William Wren, Doug Guthrie, Steve Shaffer, & Jeff Caudle. It's been a fun ride!

How to Buy My Music

A quick explanation to make your browsing experience a little easier:

As you click around on this website your will see that I've been doing 'my music thing' for quite some time, and I've acquired a lot of shit to prove it. You'll notice throughout this site that I am giving you everything here. ALL the videos and ALL the audio is here to watch, jam, and read about. I want you to be able to enjoy everything I have to share with you.

Having said that, I'm giving you every option possible to buy my music!

Orange Download buttons will take you to CD Baby, Amazon, and iTunes, where most of my singles are available for download.

Green PayPal buttons are availavle to purchase physical CDs and DVDs of 4 RELEASES directly from me via PayPal. I have Not Dead Yet, obviously - plus Mystic-Force Man vs. Machine, and both Shift CDs: Lead, Judge & Jury and Creating a Monster.

So in other words - here's Not Dead Yet. Now how about a donation to the Rich Davis Metal Fund?? Ha-Ha!